31 August 2015
End Your Day on a High Note

It’s been one of those days – one of those long, hard days that kept you running for 10 hours straight. And when you finally get home, the stress of that long day may come home with you – if you let it. Keep your workday at work and before you head to bed, end your day on a high note.

Here are some tips to end each day right, and why that’s a good thing – a very good thing.

First, we all need balance in our lives – satisfying work and a full, rich, personal life. When you get home, enjoy quality time with your family. Eat dinner together. Discover what’s new in the lives of your kids and spouse. These are the times most of us will remember fondly. Enjoy them to the fullest when you get back home after a hard day at work.

Know when to throw the switch. Set a time limit for the day, and maybe even leave work a little early now and then. It’s hard for many of us to stop thinking about work – it’s always on our minds to one degree or another. Mentally pull the plug so you can get a good night’s sleep.

Make a “to-do” list when you get home. What needs to be done tomorrow? On Thursday? That evening? Put it down on paper so you don’t have to carry it in your head, and enjoy the satisfaction of crossing each “to-do” off that list.

Finish your chores. Don’t go to bed knowing you have to bring the recyclables to the curb in the morning. Finish all the chores around the house so you can end your day with a smile, knowing you’re all set for tomorrow.

Do something nice for someone. Call an old friend. Write a thank-you note. Send an email to a distant relative just to connect again with the people who always end your day on a high note.

Read a book that’s not about business. A good spy novel, or the latest from your favorite life coach – read anything but books about work or your industry. Sitting up reading the latest industry journal may keep you awake pondering, mulling, and worrying when you should be relaxing or sleeping.

Unplug all those digital devices. Turn off the computer. Don’t read your email just before bed. It’ll be there in the morning. Smartphones off. Tablets off. If it connects you to the outside world, consider turning it off.

You don’t have to watch the news. The late night news is the signal for some of us to get to sleep. If you’re a news hound, and the latest news doesn’t ruin your day, watch it as part of your routine. However, if the stock market tanked and gas prices are going up, it’s possible you won’t get to sleep easily.

Maintain an upbeat diary. Write down all of the good things that happened to you that day, or all of the good things happening in your life. Once you start writing down all the positives, the negatives that end the day on a down note seem to just disappear. 

Set aside 30 minutes of “me time” before bedtime. Set aside the last half hour before you go to bed just for you. Read. Meditate. Sit outside and watch the stars. The last thing you do each day is just for you.

Meditate. You don’t need lessons. You don’t need equipment. You don’t even need to turn on the lights. Sit in a comfortable position and exaggerate each inhale and exhale. Inhale deeply. Exhale slowly. Turn off your brain and listen to your breathing. Guess what? You’re meditating – a great way to end each day on a high note.

Know when it’s time to shut off the lights and get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow is another day.


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