07 September 2017
Mobile Banking Alerts You Should Be Using

One major advantage of banking in the mobile age is the ability to receive banking alerts on your smart phone to keep you abreast of all transactions related to your account(s). According to BankRate.com, three mobile banking alerts are the most useful: low balance, mobile deposit, and unusual activity.1

1. Low Balance

A low balance alert is self-explanatory. The customer is notified when their account balance becomes less than a predetermined amount, whether that be $50, $200, or another number. This is an important alert, since it can help you avoid overdrawing your account, which can lead to card declines, bounced checks, and fees.

Nevada State Bank© offers its customers a “MyAlerts” feature, which lets you receive emails to notify you of your account balances, or about important dates. MyAlerts comes free with Nevada State Bank’s Online Banking service. With this feature, customers receive an e-mail notification when their accounts go below the predetermined dollar amount. It can also provide alerts when the account goes over a set amount, in case you want to transfer excess funds into an interest-bearing account.

To use Nevada State Bank’s MyAlerts feature, just make sure you’re enrolled in Online Banking, log into your account, and select the “Prefs” link on the main navigation. From there, click the “Create a MyAlert” link.

The MyAlerts function also offers personal reminders. To take advantage of this function, set up MyAlerts and get email reminders of important dates, such as meetings, anniversaries, birthdays, or other significant dates and events you might want to remember. Your bank alerts might just make you more organized all around.

2. Mobile Deposit

Technology now allows bank customers to submit checks for deposit anytime from nearly anywhere using their mobile device and its built-in camera. A mobile deposit notification informs the customer when their deposit has been accepted (or if it has not been accepted for some reason). Click here to see a video about Nevada State Bank’s mobile check deposit service.

3. Unusual Activity

The third type of alert BankRate recommends is an alert that notifies you of unusual activity on your debit or credit card. Nevada State Bank offers free Mobile Card Fraud Alerts, which are text messages2 sent to your smartphone to confirm debit and credit card transactions. When you reply with a simple YES or NO, the bank will either allow the transaction to go through or block it as fraud.

Nevada State Bank also offers Purchase Alerts, which let customers receive alerts2 on certain purchases made with their Nevada State Bank debit or credit card so they can monitor their accounts and quickly respond to potential fraud. These alerts can be received through either email or text message. Customers can select their preferred notification criteria, such as gas station charges, purchase amounts, and online or foreign transactions.

Using Mobile Card Fraud Alerts and Purchase Alerts can help you stay on top of your finances and spot any suspicious activity quickly.


2. Mobile and text message provider service fees may apply.


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