08 July 2016
Have Fun with a Nevada Staycation

More and more families are choosing to stay at home for vacation instead of driving an endless number of miles with the kids arguing in the back seat, or flying across the country with a screaming toddler.

This is fun? This is relaxing? Probably not, as you re-discover year after year. As soon as the “Where do you want to go for vacation?” conversation comes up over dinner, you feel the stress, and the family hasn’t even agreed on a location.

Is this the year for a staycation? It just might be, with the long lines at airports, weird weather, and uncertainty around the globe. Staying at home sounds like fun compared to a two-hour wait to get through check-in at the airport.

However, a staycation still involves planning and preparation to avoid having your kids spend 14 hours on the couch each day watching TV or shooting zombies long into the night. Treat your staycation like a vacation and plan ahead to squeeze every bit of fun out of this year’s family recreation time.

Here are some things to do to make sure everybody has fun, while you’re saving money:

Experiment in the kitchen. You’re on vacation. Spend a few bucks on some Grade A coffee. Go to a local restaurant for breakfast. Find ways to make meals special. A couple of tiki lamps in the backyard, and you could be in Hawaii.

Try new recipes. Try new foods. Try to emulate the menu you’d find on a great vacation. Cook up some filet mignon on the barbeque. You wouldn’t normally eat so extravagantly, but you’re on staycation. You’re saving travel costs, so buy everybody’s favorite foods, from surf to turf.

Plan something special each day. Hike the trails in your hometown for a healthy hike, or visit your local lake or river for a big dose of outdoor fun. If hiking and nature aren’t in the picture, call the local tourist board to find museums, events, and fun just down the road. Make each day of your staycation special.

Splurge on a day spa. Sure, these relaxing venues cost, but they won’t cost as much as a vacation with five airline tickets, two motel rooms for a week, and breakfast, lunch and dinner in a restaurant.

Start looking for the perfect day spa. Ask friends for referrals, or check out sites like Yelp that post customer reviews from your neighbors. Pull out all the stops with a mani and pedi. Hey, you’re on staycation. Splurge a little.

Have a back-up plan. If the weather is too hot or too cold, outdoor activities may not be a good choice for that day. But paintball, bowling, or a good movie gets you out of the house, out of the weather, and into some staycation fun.

Plan ahead and get the whole family involved. Would the kids like a day at the local ballpark? Get tickets and “take them out to the ballgame.” Are there plays or live concerts that are family-friendly? Whatever you do, get out of the house, see the sights and enjoy the recreational facilities in your own backyard.

Get the whole family together. Get some hot dogs and burgers, make some coleslaw and potato salad and call the family – aunts, uncles, long-lost cousins. Spend the day together and get to know the family again. It’s a great way to spend a little staycation time.

Plan some time to relax. When on a vacation, you sometimes feel as though you have to see every sight, or go on every ride. There’s stress to fit it all in. A staycation lets you relax in the hammock under the shade trees sipping an iced tea and listening to an audio book by your favorite author.

A staycation is a great way to eliminate stress. You can’t forget to pack something because you didn’t pack. You don’t have to get up at 3:00 AM to get to the airport, stand in line with antsy kids for a few hours, and start off that vacation ready to blow your top.

Residents of Nevada are truly lucky. We have the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas and Reno, the charm of desert ghost towns, the beauty of Lake Tahoe and the Ruby Mountains, and much more. Museums, state parks, concert venues, and recreational facilities abound.

Want more information on a Nevada staycation? Visit the Nevada Department of Tourism website to discover all about the sights and sounds of a great staycation right here at home.



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