08 January 2013
Save Money on Your Next Ski Trip: Ski Nevada

Shushing down the slopes has become increasingly popular, whether you glide down the mountainside on a pair of skis, or shred the hills on your snowboard. It’s exciting. It’s good exercise. It brings you closer to nature. And it can be expensive – very expensive.

However, there are some things you can do to find the best deals at the best slopes, and enjoy the beauty of Nevada’s mountains at a cost that won’t break the budget.

1. Shush locally. One of the biggest expenses associated with ski vacations is the cost of travel. Silver State residents are lucky. People come from all over the globe to enjoy world-class skiing, and we have it in our backyard.  Why pay for airline tickets when you can drive to some of the best skiing in the world right here in Nevada? Dozens of ski slopes may be just a short drive away from your neighborhood.

2. Rent a condo or cabin.  Staying in a ski resort hotel or motel can be expensive, especially if you need a couple of rooms for the whole family. Instead of staying in a resort hotel, you might look for a little rental chalet tucked away on one of Nevada’s ski slopes. You’ll save money on accommodations, and you can cook family meals at your retreat, saving even more. Cook your family’s favorite meals in your own rented cabin instead of eating out every day.

To save even more, you might skip the pricey rentals that include hot tubs, spas, saunas and upscale decorator touches. You’ll spend most of your time on the slopes anyway, so why spend money on amenities that won’t be used? A simple, basic chalet with a kitchenette can be all you need to have the ski adventure of a lifetime.

3. Borrow or rent your ski gear. If your family is new to skiing, you’ll need skis and boots, warm clothes and other gear to take advantage of all that Nevada’s ski areas have to offer. Don’t buy ski equipment if you don’t have to. Borrow ski equipment from friends, or rent your equipment to cut down on your vacation expenses.

Most ski resorts offer equipment rentals as part of family package deals, but you might save even more by renting your equipment through a local ski shop. Check prices for rental gear as part of your planning, to get the most for the least for every family member.

4. Ski off-season. Northern Nevada’s ski season usually starts early and runs well into spring. The busiest times for ski resorts are during the holidays and school vacations, so choose a time when things are a little slower and get more for your vacation dollars. It’s easy to find great skiing early in the fall and late in the spring, so opt for off-season rates and save a bundle.

5. Shop for family package deals. Skiing is popular, so there’s plenty of competition among resorts to lure local skiers to one slope or another.  Shop around for local family ski packages that include deals on lift tickets, lessons for snow bunnies and other freebies and discounts to stretch your ski vacation budget even further.

Call around for the best deals and keep your eyes open for family ski bundles that include everything from equipment rentals, to free snacks, to discounts on everything from rooms to food.

6. Book online. The Internet has made it easier to find discounts and package deals across the state.  Conduct a search for “Nevada ski packages” to find resort areas in our state that offer family package deals at different times of the season.

7. Plan your ski vacation in July. It’s never too early to plan for next year.  Ski resorts offer attractive incentives during summer months to encourage skiers to book their reservations well before the snow falls. You can also save on travel expenses by booking your flight ahead of time – months before you actually get on board. Plan ahead, reserve early and save some money on your next ski trip.

Check with the Nevada Commission on Tourism (travelnevada.com) for timely tips on lowering ski vacation costs throughout the year. The Commission also offers a free newsletter, with low-cost, value-added packages that make ski fun more affordable for the whole family.

So get out on the slopes this ski season. Nevada has some of the best skiing in the world, right here in our own backyard. Plan ahead. Look for discounts and package deals, rent a cabin and drive, don’t fly, to your next downhill thrill.


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