15 March 2011
President’s Letter March 15, 2011

March 15, 2011
Letter from Dallas Haun

Since the financial crisis of 2008, our goal at Nevada State Bank has been to come through the tough economic times better and stronger than ever. In planning to achieve this goal, I found inspiration in a business located right here in Nevada: Zappos. Led by CEO Tony Hsieh, the online retailer reached $1 billion in annual sales less than ten years after its founding. Their philosophy, as Hsieh has explained it, is that many good things follow naturally if a business gets its culture right and focuses clearly on its core values. Every company is different, but   regardless of the nature of the business or its size, whether it produces a product or provides a service, when the people who make up the company agree on the values that are really important, their shared commitment will contribute to success.

Last fall, here at Nevada State Bank, we began a process in which all of our colleagues were invited to participate in thinking about our company’s culture and core values and pooling our ideas. As a result, we expanded our concept of our culture so that it now includes our clients and the communities we live in, as well as our colleagues. And we identified eight core values: extraordinary service, adaptability, respect, communication, development, accountability, community, and results.

Especially in a challenging economy, a business will maximize its chances for success if it controls the things that it can control. We can control how we treat our clients and colleagues and show them our respect and care. We can control how we interact with our community and share our time and resources. We can develop the skills and knowledge to understand the client’s needs and give him or her the best possible service. As for the things we cannot control, that is where adaptability will contribute to a better outcome. And, I believe that by sticking to the first seven in our list of core values, we will achieve the eighth and last: results. I invite you as you navigate through this tough economy to focus on the things you can control.

Best Regards,

Dallas Haun
President and CEO
Nevada State Bank


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