02 August 2013
President’s Letter: America’s Growth Corridors

Letter from Dallas Haun

It’s easy to find bad news about the economy in general and Nevada in particular, so whenever good news comes along, I’m happy to share it with you.  I recently read a report* called “America’s Growth Corridors: The Key to National Revival,” which presents an optimistic outlook for Nevada and surrounding states. It was written by Joel Kotkin and published by the Manhattan Institute’s Center for State and Local Leadership (CSLL).

CSLL identified four regions of the country it calls “growth corridors” which have created more jobs and gained more population over the past decade than areas along the coasts or in the Great Lakes region. The growth corridors are the: Intermountain West, the Great Plains region, the Third Coast (made up of counties on the Gulf Coast), and the Southeast Manufacturing Belt.

The report notes that the areas in all four growth corridors are hungry for business and always looking for ways to expand opportunities instead of resting on past accomplishments. We know that one of the advantages Nevada has always had is our business-friendly tax structure and regulatory environment.

Although Nevada, like the rest of our region, lags behind other areas in education, the CSLL report shows that the Intermountain West is increasing its educated workforce far faster than the rest of the country. In fact, Las Vegas experienced a 78.4% increase from 2000 to 2010 in residents with a bachelor’s degree or higher, leading the list of major cities surveyed.

“Perhaps none of our corridors has better prospects than the Intermountain West region,” the report states.  “Given the area’s natural attractiveness and a continued good business climate, the Intermountain West should enjoy strong growth over the coming decades.”

Here at Nevada State Bank, we are firmly invested in the future of our state.  As Nevada and the rest of the Intermountain West recover from the recession, we’ll be here to provide the support our clients need to help them achieve their goals.

Best regards,

Dallas Haun

President & CEO

Nevada State Bank




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