24 March 2015
Financial Education: A Lifelong Pursuit

I think we all know the importance of financial education for children, and here at Nevada State Bank we spend a lot of volunteer hours educating Nevada’s youth about money management, financial planning, and using credit wisely. However, I think it’s also incumbent on us as adults to educate ourselves on financial matters as we pass through the various stages of our personal and business lives.

As a young adult, you may need information on mortgages when shopping for your first home. A growing family might want to learn about life insurance or college savings plans. Retirement and estate planning come to the forefront later on in life. Businesses also go through stages, and each one has different financial needs: startup capital, cash management tools, or credit to finance growth.

Nevada State Bank can provide the information and advice you need to make informed decisions for any of life’s stages. Do you need a new building for your growing business? A larger house for your growing family? A trust or estate plan to help protect your children or grandchildren? Our financial professionals can help with any of these needs, and your banker is just a phone call away.

In addition, we provide a wealth of self-service resources you can access anytime. Here are just a few of them:

NevadaSmallBusiness.com, our one-stop shop for business information

Two Cents blog, consumer articles on saving money, preventing fraud, planning for the future, and much more

Insights Webinars, web events featuring local and national experts with practical advice to help your business succeed

High Net Worth Report, news and insights about matters of importance to wealthy households

Economic Briefing prepared for us each month by leading research firm Applied Analysis, with Nevada-based data and analysis of economic trends

Financial Calculators on nsbank.com to help you estimate loan payments, decide whether to lease or buy a car, and other helpful tools

Coming soon: 2015 Small Business Survey, with trends, predictions and an economic outlook from Nevada business owners and executives. Sign up today for your free copy.

We’re happy to provide all these free resources to Nevadans, whether or not they’re our clients. It’s all part of our commitment to helping increase financial education in the communities we serve.

Best Regards,


Dallas Haun
Nevada State Bank


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