14 April 2016
Nevada’s Free Health Services

Feeling a bit under the weather? Did the kids bring home the flu bug from school? (Again.) Having chest pains? (That’s a big one.)

Nevada offers and administers free and subsidized health care programs for people with disabilities, seniors, and families with small kids. Citizens of the Silver State get sick, and when they do, residents help their neighbors.

Start by getting the right information. The place to start your search for free or low-cost medical care is the website for Nevada’s Department of Health and Human Services or the state’s Division of Welfare and Supportive Services. Bookmark these sites. They are loaded with good information on state and federal health services.

These sites provide a wealth of no-cost information about free or subsidized medical assistance for all of our residents. In fact,Nevada’s health care system is easy to access, easy to use, and it offers a long list of health programs for you and your family.

Sign up BEFORE you need medical help. What kind of medical help do you need? Financial help? Assisted living? How about a ride to a doctor’s appointment?

You may not need these services today, but you may need them sometime down the line, so create an account with the state’s health services and be ready when you need help with anything from free flu shots to assistance paying huge hospital bills. Your good health is a top priority forNevada’s healthcare agencies and programs.

Get the RIGHT Help

Don’t waste precious time working through a phone-answering tree only to have a human being tell you to call a different department. Make sure you’re working with the right agency and the right program. Is the problem medical costs? Accessibility to a specialist? How about Medicaid and Title XIX protection? To save time, do some online research to find the right agency or the right health improvement program to best suit your family’s needs.

Nevada Check-Up

This popular program provides low-cost, comprehensive medical coverage as part of Nevada’s Children’s Health Program. This low-cost coverage requires payment of a low quarterly premium. There are no co-pays, deductibles, or other out-of-pocket expenses. If you qualify, sign up for the Nevada Check-Up program today and make sure your family stays healthy.

The Senior Rx program is a plan to lower prescription medicine costs, which can quickly add up over time to create a bleak retirement. Nevada’s Senior Rx program: (1) provides prescription payment assistance after reaching Medicare Part D limits; and (2) provides seniors with assistance in paying monthly Medicare Part D costs. If your meds are draining the bank account every month, contact the experts at the Senior Rx program for some advice. Maybe you’ll qualify for a subsidy that makes the cost of your meds a little easier to swallow.

Nevada Health Centers demonstrate the state’s commitment to affordable health care for all its citizens. These 16 health care centers are located around the state for easy access. Some, like the state’s Mammovan, are mobile, moving from community to community offering mammograms and women’s health care information. Your cost? $0.

AccesstoHealthcare.org is a real time saver when you’re looking for quality medical services at affordable prices. This non-profit provides healthcare services to 200,000 of our neighbors each year. This healthcare network provides services toNevada residents of all ages. It’s convenient. It’s low cost or no-cost. And it’s just plain smart to use these healthcare services to keep you and your loved ones healthy right here at home.

Nevada offers numerous low- and no-cost options to keep you and your family healthy without breaking the bank. If you need help with medical or prescription costs, there’s probably a program to help defray some of these high medical costs.

Log on to see whatNevadahas to offer. Sign up to take advantage of quality medical care at an affordable price. And do your friends a favor. Tell them about these helpful programs administered by our state.

We all need to take good health seriously in Nevada.


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