16 May 2017
President and CEO’s Letter: Developing Women Leaders

Nevada State Bank® is proud of its Executive Women’s Group, which serves the growing number of women in leadership roles at the Bank. What started as a book club in 2016 has evolved into a leadership training program led jointly by Jill Bell, EVP/Director of Human Resources, and Shannon Petersen, EVP/Corporate Banking Manager. The group offers many development opportunities for high-potential female colleagues, providing a chance to interact with one another through informal discussions on topics relating to leadership roles and professional development.

At Nevada State Bank, we value leadership training and have many programs to support leadership development. This curriculum is special, though, because it was the brainchild of these two dynamic women, who not only designed, but also executed the program. This is in addition to their “day jobs,” and required time beyond their normal work hours, demonstrating their commitment to developing female leadership within our company.

The Nevada State Bank Executive Women’s Group comprises two chapters in southern Nevada and one in the north, with more than 70 members who meet every other month. The program has expanded from discussions about leadership books to include reviews of TED Talks and presentations by senior executives. After Shannon attended a Women’s Leadership Group sponsored by Zions Bancorporation, she shared her insights with the membership and distributed resource materials. This month, SVP/Region Manager Stacy Watkins will present an overview of her year-long training program with Alexia Vernon of Influencer Academy. The group has plans to offer many additional resources to its members, including guest speakers, mentorship opportunities, access to online resources, and case study reviews.

I’m proud of the Executive Women’s Group, not only for the development opportunities it offers my colleagues, but because it grew organically from two women who took it upon themselves to offer a hand up to other female executives. I’d like to formally acknowledge Jill and Shannon, and offer my congratulations on a job well done.


Terry Shirey


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